Bristol line, by Häcker, summery-elegant country house style

23 junio, 2013

With the Bristol range, Häcker brings this particular style to the kitchen and demonstrates all its expertise in terms of material, colours and top-quality finish in the process.

The Bristol line is part of the Häcker Kitchen classic programme and unites elegant appearance with high-end and natural materials. The frames of the front panels are made of solid wood, with the panelling crafted from ash veneer and the work surface fashioned from solid maple, for example. The surfaces are lacquered here at the Häcker plant – needless to say using water-based paints. Glass wall cabinets can also be fitted with glass shelves and be internally lacquered.

Gama Bristol de Häcker Küchen

The range is available in eight different colourways: white, magnolia, vanilla, saffron-yellow, cashmere, beige-grey, carmine-red and agate-blue. The delicate agate-blue is particularly reminiscent of a summery evening by the sea.

With its remarkable attention to detail, the Bristol range completely complies with the decorative and simultaneously artisan standards of the country house style: all open shelving units and the extractor hood feature decorative panels, into which attractive ornamentation has been cut. All edges are slightly rounded on all sides.

In addition to the broad range of available colours, the Bristol line can also be fitted with a huge selection of different handles, ensuring that customers can tailor their kitchen according to their very own personal taste. The end result is guaranteed to ensure that the cosy country house kitchen becomes the favourite meeting place for all the family.

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