Create your World, Laminam’s new brand identity

14 octubre, 2020

Create your World: el universo de Laminam en un clic
Laminam’s new brand identity and new website.

We are designers of our own spaces…. The vision statement of Laminam’s new brand identity welcomes virtual visitors to its new website created to help clients as they realize their projects. All Laminam surfaces can be viewed on a single page. Moreover, the Surface Finder functions allow clients to choose their preferences based on colour, effect, type of finish or area of application. Five sections summarise the world of Laminam. They are: Products, Services, Quality and Innovation, Company, and News and Events. Particular attention is paid to transparency and corporate sustainability: with Laminam, these are a question of identity.

The new website, extremely functional and high impact multi-lingual, has been unveiled to launch the new Brand Identity and project the company’s increasingly global ambitions into the future. This is why the new Laminam vision statement welcomes visitors to its home page: We are designers of our own spaces…. This perspective instantly translates into an invitation for all those who look to Laminam as a partner and a supplier who can turn their own concepts into reality: Create your world. The ultimate surfaces experience. The structure of the new site was entirely designed to give the highest level of assistance to architects, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, installers and end consumers as they build their projects.

Surface Finder

This objective is entrusted particularly to the page where users find the Surface Finder, providing an immediate overview of Laminam’s entire product range – 130 surfaces in 13 different series (the most extensive catalogue in the sector, says the company) appear instantly on the screen. The entire world of Laminam in one single click.

From a general to a specific perspective, the new search engine makes it possible to imagine, compose and revolutionize your spaces starting from the colour (Beige/Avorio, Bianco, Blu, Grigio, Marrone/Tortora, Nero, Verde). And he effect (Concrete, Wood, Marble, Metal, Stone, Resin, Solid Colour). Or the type of finish (Lucidato, Naturale, Soft Touch, Strutturato). Too, the area of application (Furnishings and Design, External Facades, Cladding and Flooring). The only limit is your imagination. Clicking on the surfaces to see them in 3D is an option that premiered in Italy and allows the client to study the finishes from every viewpoint by moving them in a three-dimensional graphic space. Following the same path, it is possible to download the details of individual products or move from one series to another. In the same section, users also have direct access to the most significant References for the individual series.

Agile navigation

To make navigation more agile, the site is divided into 5 macro-structures highlighted on the general menu: Products, Services, Quality and Innovation, Company, and News and Events. A summary of the company’s identity and what it has to offer its clients. Laminam was the first company worldwide in the ceramics sector to produce large sized slabs. This has allowed it to develop engineering know-how that enables Laminam to support every stage of any project. And also provide training courses and certified technical documentation. Its experience is offered, in the form of assistance to the various professionals in the sector, in the Services section. Engineering Consultancy, Architectural Consultancy, Fitters Support, Consultancy and Training for Installers, Support for the Furniture Industry, and Manufacturer Consultancy.

In the Company section, Sustainability is an important issue. It is a question of identity for Laminam that calls attention not only to the environmental compatibility of its products. But also to the needs of its stakeholders. The company wants to be completely transparent with the outside world, and so it is possible for anyone to download and view its first Sustainability Report. The company’s pioneering dimension is revealed in the Quality & Innovation section, where readers can learn about the materials and processes used to make a Laminam slab. This position is currently held by the In-Side series (named after the technology used to make ceramic slabs with body and surface continuity).

The News and Events section regularly posts the latest information to allow users to find out more about Laminam – from corporate news to exhibitions and installations, announcements about new surfaces, and the most recent Italian and international references.

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