EuroCucina 2020: kitchens go circular

20 febrero, 2020

EuroCucina 2020

20.02.2020 The 23rd edition of EuroCucina / FTK – Technology for the Kitchen arrives, inside the Salone del Mobile.Milano. The event will be held at Fiera Milano in Rho from 21st to 26th April. The acknowledged as the kitchens sector’s most important and authoritative trade fair. And this is an opportunity for contact and interface for the leading Italian and foreign companies within the sector, and to scope the latest trends for the most convivial space in contemporary living.

EuroCucina 2020 brings together 84 exhibitors ranged over an area equal to around 19,154 square metres, mainly but not exclusively in Pavilions 9 and 11. As of this year, EuroCucina is adopting an extended exhibitive format. So, it is allowing furniture companies specialising in total living to showcase their kitchen concepts on their respective stands at the Salone Internazionale dei Mobile and S.Project, underscoring the way this space is evolving.

EuroCucina trends

The strong points of the event are the extremely high quality of the products and the wide range of goods on offer, unveiling not only the latest in contemporary kitchens but also providing a fascinating glimpse of how this space is structured and likely to evolve. First and foremost, EuroCucina will re-establish the kitchen as the primary space in which best to enjoy social interaction and fulfil personal needs. Obviously too, by adapting this space to modern life by focusing on rationality, functionality, technical innovation and contemporary shapes. And, in terms of sustainability, by coming up with durable solutions and smart technologies to cut consumption and allow for the recycling of water, energy and waste.

The boundaries between the kitchen and other domestic spaces will continue to become increasingly blurred. This space will become steadily more fluid, hybrid and integrated and a new centre of gravity. The modern domestic hub will become even more of a social aggregator and provider of essential needs. Islands will increasingly become the live, beating hearts of the space, with apparently compact and solid units that open up to reveal
their many functions as needed. For example, from super-equipped laboratories of taste to contemporary family tables around which people gather to eat, meet, chat, perform myriad domestic tasks and work.

Units, finishes and colors

As it evolves into a single space, other design measures will help to revolutionise the kitchenbase units will be pressed increasingly into service. They will be made deeper to make for easier working. Elegant, versatile wall units or central islands will help integrate as well as mark out the different areas, foldaway kitchens for smaller spaces will make a comeback, and here too there will be no lack of wow effect.

Particular attention is being devoted to kitchen finishes and to colour, with black&white no longer the order of the day but giving way to nature-inspired hues. In what really is the creative hub of the home. The people will see a combination of matte and glossy shades in alternating neutral hues and bright colours. Even gold.

EuroCucina 2020 will serve as a reflection of today’s multifaceted and dynamic society, showcasing customisable solutions right down to the last detail, flexible, modular and tailored.

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