Focus Money and Deutschland-Test award Häcker Kitchens Gold rating

19 octubre, 2016

One of Germany´s biggest national surveys focused on which brands are the most popular. In the kitchen furniture category, Häcker was rated the Customer Favourite 2016 and also awarded the highest rating, Gold.

Focus Money and Deutschland-Test award Häcker Kitchens Gold rating

For a Focus Money and Deutschland Test joint survey, the experts from the Cologne-based analysis and consultancy firm ServiceValue analysed over one million online sources to gain information about more than 1,000 brands from 82 industry sectors. The question was: which brands are particularly popular with consumers? The survey was based on data collected with a web monitoring tool that monitored and analysed tens of thousands of news items and more than a million social media sources on the internet throughout 2015 with the aid of a semantic search feature. Analysed were statements about price, service, quality and reputation.


Besides Häcker Kitchens excellent overall result, the study also supplied other interesting information such as: the price is often the most important criterion for the decision to purchase. However, the customers not only want to buy at a good price but also have marked expectations when it comes to what they get for their money. The customer verdict proves: the quality is almost as important as the price; in some industry sectors, it is even more important. A well-balanced price/performance ratio is therefore a fundamental requirement for a top brand, according to the Focus Money magazine.

We are delighted that we are a Customer Favourite 2016, and that we have been awarded a Gold rating. This positive online image is not least also down to our many retail partners who every day make every effort to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction by offering individual kitchen planning services and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and is fitted to perfection,
says sales and marketing manager Markus Sander.

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