Häcker increased sales in 2012 above industry average

12 marzo, 2013

2012 was a very good year for Häcker kitchen. Despite difficult economic conditions, the company was able to increase its sales compared to the previous year by 8.8 per cent to 383 million euros.

High domestic growth is, for the most part, responsible for this exciting development. In comparison to the previous year, the export quota has fallen marginally and still amounts to approximately 40 per cent. In 2012, Häcker kitchen products were distributed in over 60 countries around the globe with the French and Asian markets seeing particularly good development.

Marcus Roth (izquierda), director de Exportación de Alemania y Austria, y Andreas Möller (derecha), director de Exportación.
Marcus Roth and Andreas Möller.

In the past three years, sales have increased annually by an average of over 29 million euros. In 2012, with 8.8 per cent growth, the company performed more than twice as well as the entire German kitchen industry, which was only able to record a plus of 3.9 per cent. Shareholder and Managing Director Jochen Finkemeier is particularly pleased that Häcker kitchen is performing excellently in all market areas.

Häcker kitchen has set itself high targets for the current year. For the first time, sales should break through the 400-millioneuro barrier. According to Jochen Finkemeier, the start of the year at LivingKitchen in Cologne therefore had a very special significance. In order to continue to maintain above average growth and to be able to anticipate the challenges of a difficult market, a decisive course has already been set at Häcker kitchen. This year, the company is investing approximately 10 million euros in the manufacture of work surfaces and carcasses in plant 2, which already produces 1.4 million carcass parts per year.

Sales and distribution have also been strengthened thanks to the new dual leadership of Marcus Roth for Germany and Austria and Andreas Möller for international markets. As a result, CEO Jochen Finkemeier sees no reason to doubt that the 400-million-euro barrier will be broken.

* For further information: www.haecker-kuechen.de