Häcker Kitchen, developing positively in 2013

17 febrero, 2014

Häcker concluded 2013 with total sales of 391 million euros, which represents an increase of around 8 million euros compared to the previous year. Domestic sales totalled 62%, a rise of 2 percentage points, while exports were around 38% of total sales, falling 2 percentage points.

Upon announcing the German kitchen manufacturer Häcker business figures for 2013, Managing Director Jochen Finkemeier emphasised: Overall, we are satisfied with our business results, particularly in view of the general economic situation. Because in comparison with the German kitchen furniture industry as a whole – where sales fell by 0.37 percent in the first three quarters of 2013 – we were able to generate positive figures. Marcus Roth, Director of Domestic Sales, agrees with him: Our primary business objective is to achieve sustainable and profitable growth – and we once again succeeding in doing just this in 2013. It is for this reason we must also praise the entire Häcker team for their commitment and hard work.

Frentes de armarios altos y bajos, de Häcker

In 2013, Häcker manufactured 150,000 kitchens in the East-Westphalian town of Rödinghausen, comprising around 1.5 million carcass components in total. For the coming year, Häcker anticipates a stable German market and further impetus to exports as a result of the Eurocucina trade fair in April 2014. Above all, we see a strengthening of our non-domestic growth in those markets in which we have restructured our sales organisations, such as Asia and eastern Europe, for example, explains Andreas Möller, Director of Export Sales.

In terms of product development, 2014 will once again be a very challenging year, as Häcker will be presenting its exciting innovations at a total of three trade fairs within a period of just ten months: Firstly, at the Eurocucina in April, then at the in-house trade fair in September and finally there is also the involvement in the LivingKitchen three months later, an event that takes place in Cologne in January 2015. To be able to serve the trade to the best possible extent, Häcker is intensively pursuing such topics as quality, reliability and sustainability. ‘PUResist’ PUR bonding in particular will in future be more strongly communicated as a decisive quality argument.

* For further information: www.haecker-kuechen.de