Häcker Kitchens at the EuroCucina 2014: showcasing the international

7 mayo, 2014

The EuroCucina is an international trade fair
with visitors from more than 100 different countries. For this reason, Häcker Kitchens was placing its own cosmopolitan outlook centre-stage at the EuroCucina between April 8 and 13, 2014.

The firm have an exceptionally courageous idea: the logo would be alienated using letters from various alphabets, such as the Arabic and Cyrillic and Chinese characters Merely the ‘Ä’ in Häcker and the ‘kitchen.germanMade.’ claim will be kept.

Häcker, cosmopolita e internacional en EuroCucina

Marcus Roth, Director of Domestic Sales, explains: With this new logo, especially created for the EuroCucina show, we are on the one hand proudly underlining our heritage – because Made in Germany continues to be an important international quality argument all over the world – and are showcasing that we are extremely cosmopolitan in our nature. Andreas Möller, responsible for exports at Häcker Kitchens, adds: We would like to demonstrate our international orientation more clearly to our customers and new customers, because we are planning to increase the export from 38% of total sales over the next few years. Above all, this applies to Asian and eastern European countries in which we have restructured our sales organisations. Needless to say, Germany remains our most important

The Systemat product line takes centre-stage
The 400-square-metre stand, which also houses an entertainment space on a second level, was designed by Professor Klaus-Peter Goebel from Stuttgart. The trade fair logo was strikingly displayed above the entrance area, where a film about the EuroCucina was also be screened. The stand revealed its interior on three sides: soft, flowing forms and minimalist white dominate the design and allow four systemat kitchens to take centre-stage. As the Systemat premium programme in particular is highly-coveted outside Europe, Häcker wasconsciously presenting just this segment at the EuroCucina trade show. At the same time, the new, diverse range of systemat carcasses and drawers was exhibited.

Before, during and after the EuroCucina
Over a period of several weeks, Häcker customers have been able to follow the company’s preparations ahead of the EuroCucina trade fair in the form of a blog with pictures and video clips. There has even been a kind of live travel diary report covering the transportation of the show kitchens – needless to say in a truck with the EuroCucina logo.

And visitors to the trade fair stand saw that Häcker does not do things in half measures: because all advertising materials, menus, name plates and the press folder systematically use the trade fair logo. However, Häcker returned to its familiar logo and trademark appearance as soon as the EuroCucina concluded. Our logo has firmly established itself among our clientèle – and there can be absolutely no discussion about changing it in the long term. At the EuroCucina, it was merely our intention to achieve sustainable attention with this and to awaken interest for our international orientation among our guests, explains Marcus Roth in conclusion.

* For further information:  www.haecker-kuechen.de