Häcker Kitchens Product Pilot

15 septiembre, 2016

At the 2016 In-House show, Häcker Kitchens will be launching its new digital offer Product Pilot.

Developed especially for kitchen retailers, it consolidates all information into one digital product, which makes it a particularly useful tool for professional sales consultants. At the 2016 in-house show, Häcker Kitchens will demonstrate the future benefits of this innovative system.

Häcker Kitchens Product Pilot

Networking with the Customers is a key issue for Häcker Kitchens. With its new Product Pilot offer, the company is providing a unique digital database that is also easy to use. All of the information about every product aspect and the entire range of products can be accessed via the Product Pilot. Besides detailed product information such as dimensions and drawings, all of the possible product feature versions are also listed – so mix-ups are now impossible. In addition, the customers are also provided with fitting instructions and videos for all movable elements.

The respective planning and ordering information has been added to each product. It is now no longer necessary to manually search for this information in the sales catalogue, as is currently often the case, because the new alternative method via the extranet is considerably more convenient. Just like the sales catalogue, the Product Pilot is also clearly divided into several levels. All features are clearly illustrated under the three tabs Product Overview, Good to Know and Accessories"- making the Product Pilot very easy to use.

To get to the Product Pilot, the retailer customers can simply log onto the extranet and then access the system via the new tab. After that, they can look for any product by typing in the product name or the product code. Another advantage is that the respective kitchen planning software can also access the Product Pilot; it therefore provides direct and comprehen-sive planning support.

With our Product Pilot, we are offering customers a unique digital offer that makes the planning and equipment of individually planned kitchens even easier than it already is and offers numerous added value factors. At one click, our partners now know the exact specifications of a version type – down to the last millimetre, says sales and marketing manager Markus Sander. However, not only that, but additional equipment features such as cutlery trays for a specific drawer, for example, can be viewed in the form of a photo and selected without the risk of mix-ups. This leads to additional sales.

Häcker Kitchens new digital offer Product Pilot will be available for the classic product range in German, English and French from the date of the 2016 in-house show onwards.

* For further information www.haecker-kuechen.de