Hettich´s new hinge Sensys, featured by Häcker

24 julio, 2013

Available for Häcker Systemat and SystematART from August 2013, the new Hettich Sensys is the hinge with perfect damping.

At Häcker Kitchen, the primary focus is always on quality. This starts with the selection of certified, high-end materials and accessory components, precision manufacturing all the way through to the reliable delivery with the company’s own fleet of vehicles.


Nueva bisagra presentada por Haecker, Sensys de Hettich

To be able to continue catering to these demanding requirements in the long term, the company does not always wait until its in-house trade fair in autumn to let kitchen retailers and fitters benefit from new technologies: for this reason, Häcker is switching the hinges used in its Systemat and SystematART kitchen ranges to the latest generation of hinge technology from August 2013.

Integrated damping

In the case of Hettich’s new hinge Sensys the damping element has been invisibly integrated and offers the highest level ofcomfort and superlative function. The doors close with a gentle flick of the wrist – evenly and silently from an opening angle of 35 degrees or more.

At the same time, the discreet lines of the cup and the arm cover cap all the way through to the mounting plates ensure that this is a modern hinge design. The new direct depth adjustment and the optimisation of the depth and the height adjustment guarantee perfect gap alignment. There is a minimum visible gap even in the case of thicker doors with small radii. Hence, the integrated damping system is just as invisible as the hinge’s hidden unlocking button.

Outstanding quality and the highest level of comfort Comfort promises fast and tool-free hinge installation for kitchen fitters. In turn, the end consumer has the advantage of the highest level of stability for the overall system, which guarantees extreme durability even for very high requirements. Finally, it goes without saying that this hinge with its integrated damping has been added to the programme at no additional cost –because, as already mentioned, quality comes as standard at Häcker Kitchen and is not considered an extra for which there is a surcharge.

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