Laminam: a new brand identity

17 junio, 2020

Laminam: nueva identidad de marca

17.06.2020 Laminam, the Fiorano Modenese-based company which changed the world of ceramics, establishing itself internationally in just a few years with its innovative large surfaces for the architecture, design and furnishings sector, has just undergone a major renovation, with a new brand identity, among other novelties. So, the company’s logo, corporate identity and communication plan have changed, but not its goal which is to draw on past successes and lead the company towards new achievements and new firsts.

Established in 2001 in Fiorano Modenese, Laminam instantly established itself internationally due to its innovative production of large-sized, minimum-thickness ceramic slabs. Introducing state-of-the-art technologies and an ability to think out of the box enabled the company to develop a new category of surfaces that have opened new and exciting possibilities in the architecture, design and furnishing worlds.


The company has innovation at its core and continuously astonishes markets with its refined, superior products. The introduction of bioactive treatments granted Laminam’s slabs antibacterial, anti-pollution and self-cleaning properties, while In-Side technology introduced another striking innovation – body and surface continuity.

Today, Laminam presents its latest evolution. It is a new visual identity and a new communication plan which enhances the brand’s positioning, pioneering outlook and aesthetic refinement of its collections. The goal is to convey value to its customers and continue pursuing the ambitious results that have been Laminam’s key feature since its foundation and made it an ever-expanding industrial concern.

Laminam CEO Alberto Selmi said: Our goal is to support architects, designers and those wishing to give shape to their spaces. We place ourselves at the service of their vision and boost their expressive potential through high-performance, high-sustainability surfaces of exceptional beauty.

A new brand

This is the intention of the new brand platform, based on a renewed corporate vision and mission and a new logo. This logo consists of a monogram and tagline which expresses a clear and distinctive concept: Superior Natural Surfaces.

The creative process has been guided by a profound reflection on our origins, values and future. The result is a different approach to communication, which enhances the beauty of our surfaces, their design, and qualities that make them superior, continued Selmi. Endowing our communication with a monogram, which is similar to the fashion rather than the ceramic world, highlights our focus on our products’ style component and the need to mark them with a symbol that represents our vocation to continue pioneering the world of surfaces.

The Laminam experience

Laminam’s new corporate identity is just the first in a series of important innovations to be introduced in the coming months. This includes the presentation of the company’s new ranges via digital channels – an unprecedented and important expressive medium for Laminam.

This is a strong signal from a company that never stops innovating and evolving, offering its customers high quality surfaces featuring a refined design and using sustainable production processes.

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