More than fitted kitchens: Häcker Kitchens presents new corporate video

23 febrero, 2016

What makes us tick is the subject of this audiovisual piece.

Häcker Kitchens – with a production volume of 850 kitchens per day, its own logistics fleet and one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in Europe – has no shortage of superlatives to choose from, and could have made any one of them the subject of its new corporate video.  The company from Rödinghausen focused on a completely different question: What makes us tick?

More than fitted kitchens: Häcker Kitchens presents new corporate video

We asked ourselves where our success actually comes from. What makes us so special? Why are we able to assert ourselves so well, despite fierce competition? Or in other words: What makes us tick?” says Marcus Roth, the Häcker Kitchens director responsible for marketing. “During the course of this process, we identified three pillars that we’ve now visualised for our corporate video.”

The employees are one key success factor. Without them, their commitment and expertise, the old-established company’s success simply wouldn’t be possible. Together with director Max Rahn, who developed the storyboard for the corporate video, Häcker Kitchens used the first part of the film to shine a spotlight on employees from various divisions of the company. It shows how teamwork and a passion for detail result in products that delight customers all over the world.

The second main pillar that Häcker Kitchens is founded on is the idea of sustainability – not just on paper, but as a matter of principle. For the family-run company, that means sustainability doesn’t stop at a certified environmental management system but includes economic and social aspects as well: this section includes footage taken when a play kitchen was donated to the Sonnenland day care centre in the neighbouring town of Spenge. The third key pillar, which is closely linked to economic sustainability, is the company’s level-headedness: Häcker Kitchens grows by its own efforts and prides itself on sound and steady development. This principle is passed on from one generation to the next – and ensures the region keeps an exceptional employer.

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