New Neolith urban boutique in Amsterdam

3 octubre, 2019

Neolith is inaugurating, Friday, October 11, 2019, its new urban boutique in the capital of Holland, Amsterdam, in collaboration with its distributor Michel Oprey & Beisterveld (MOB).

03.10.2019 Neolith Urban Boutique (NUB) is the all-new concept store developed by Neolith which focuses on the customer experience as a way to re-invent the traditional showroom and turn it into an imaginative exhibit space.

Neolith Urban Boutique (NUB) Amsterdam

With the aim of producing a creative concept for the all-new space, the designer (Giuliana Barandiaran, Neolith Trade Show Designer) wanted to demonstrate the enormous aesthetic potential of the surface, including a number of uses for the material never before seen in a showroom.

NUB Amsterdam thus joins the NUB series recently inaugurated in other major European capital cities like Madrid, London, Milan and Düsseldorf.

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