Scavolini goes global: the brand´s retail expansion across the world continues

19 junio, 2014

Constant growth in international retail is increasingly distinguishing Scavolini´s strategy. The brand opened 20 new stores across the world in 2013 alone: Australia, Russia, Nigeria, Colombia, the Philippines, Lebanon and Florida, to name but a few.

Continúa la expansión minorista de Scavolini en el mundoAn active distribution policy with an unstoppable development plan is what Scavolini, a world-wide company that has always focused on distribution as a fundamental asset for expansion, is proving to be implementing.

The “Brand ambassador” of style and quality Made in Italy, one of the most popular Italian brands in this sector across the globe, currently Scavolini boasts over 1,300 sales points world-wide with more than 70 Scavolini Stores abroad and more than 90 in Italy. These include the Scavolini Soho Gallery, to date the largest kitchen sales point in the whole of Manhattan.

This successful strategy is based not only on an effective and targeted choice of ongoing development of its network, but also on developing products that are designed to meet the specific tastes and requirements of each individual country and based on a communication policy focusing on “brand recognition” that guarantees major visibility for the company@¬#s strengths.
The strength of Scavolini indeed lies in the ability to renovate and restyle, retaining a strong brand identity, while at the same time satisfying and anticipating market requirements.

The first half of 2014 saw the inauguration of a prestigious Store in Chicago in February, followed by other major openings in Houston in Texas, Barranquilla and Bogotá in Colombia. Fifteen other openings are expected to take place before the year is out, and these include the Scavolini Store project in Taipei, Marbella and Burgos, supported by the opening of new sales points in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Russia.

Step by step Scavolini is gradually expanding its network and consolidating an international globalisation project which began several years ago. Recently "conquered" territories include: South America, Africa and the Far East.

This non-stop international expansion with an average of 20 inaugurations a year is major proof of the brand@¬#s solidity, which ended the year 2013 with annual sales of € 175 million and a two-digit growth in exports, confirming once again the position of absolute leadership in the kitchen market that Scavolini has held in Italy since 1984. This strength has encouraged it to launch the recent range extensions with the Scavolini Bathrooms brand and the living room collections.

Set in the prestigious Merchandise Mart complex featuring boutiques for some of the major European and American brands in furnishings, design, materials and construction, the Scavolini Store with its 300 square metres of display space showcases 6 kitchen models from the Diesel Social Kitchen, Tetrix, Scenery, Flux, Liberamente and Open collections, a Liberamente living room composition and the Aquo, Font, Idro and Rivo lines from the Scavolini Bathrooms collection.

The first ever Scavolini Store in Houston, situated in the heart of the finest residential districts. The store features a host of kitchen models, including: Crystal, Flux, Scenery, Sax, Esprit and Liberamente, in addition to a living room composition. The Scavolini Bathrooms line in this setting is interpreted by Rivo, Aquo, Lagu, Font and Habi.


Situated in Alto Prado, the most exclusive district distinguished by a top-end residential development project, this is the first Scavolini Store in Colombia. This city, which is the largest on the Atlantic Coast, was completely restyled during the last 10 years and has become one of the most popular places to live in the country.
The showroom, which was designed and outfitted in a highly sophisticated fashion, houses some of the latest kitchen models, including Diesel Social Kitchen, Liberamente and Scenery.

400 square metres situated in the Northern area of the capital of Colombia, in a residential district crossed by two of the city@¬#s major arteries, brimming with stores and restaurants. Developed over two storeys, it is flooded with light thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The store boasts a generous 17 kitchen, living room and bathroom compositions;

The Barranquilla and Bogotà stores are AVI DESIGN STORES, owned by the Aviles brothers.

All Scavolini Stores, from the largest ones to the most compact, are genuine kitchen boutiques: painstakingly designed down to the smallest detail, where every model is enhanced by a stylish and sophisticated setting.  Customers can explore and custom-design their ideal kitchen, as they are accompanied to peruse the latest models in the store by qualified professionals, who keep a keen eye on changing tastes and trends and all aspects of the market, accommodating and facilitating all requests.

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