www.scavolini.com, an all-round trip into the world of Scavolini

10 enero, 2013

The new website www.scavolini.com is now on-line, with a wealth of new features, and optimised for tablet and smartphone use.

And with a wealth of new features, both in terms of structure and contents: a complete overhaul of the graphics, for which a contemporary approach has been chosen, an important updates on functions, making it even more user-friendly.

Scavolini nueva web

The website – which numbered more than a million different visitors in 2012 – is now also optimised for tablet and smartphone use, and fully integrated with the world of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube).

The choice of creating this large “portal” comes from the desire to facilitate browsing for retailers and end users, to rationalise and to strengthen, giving greater integrity to the whole dimension of the Scavolini world, naturally starting from the central role played by the product, which is no longer only a kitchen, but also bathroom and living room.

This new web showcase also integrates the websites www.bluscavolini.com and www.scavolingreenmind.com along with the www.kitchens.it portal.

It is structured into the following sections: kitchens, living, bathrooms, tables and chairs, magazine, company and work with us. Kitchen, living, bathrooms and tables and chairs, are naturally devoted to the product lines and accessories.

The contents of the Kitchens.it portal can instead be consulted in the magazine, which is constantly updated with articles prepared by a dedicated team.

Ample space is given over in the Company area to the business profile, the latest institutional news and all the services devoted to the end customer, such as: Scavolini no problem 10,  Scavolini Blu Guarantee and Register your kitchen.

As from today, there is also a press room gathering together a selection of the main articles related to Scavolini published by the most prestigious Italian and international magazines, and photographic reports of the main Italian and international trade fairs at which the company participated. Information connected with the Scavolini GreenMind project is also given in this section. Finally, there is also a work with us section.

Direct links are then featured at the foot of each page of the website, facilitating browsing, catalogue requests and the search for sales outlets.

The study and development of the website restyle was entrusted to Websolute, Scavolini@¬#s partner in all its web strategies.

* Para más información: www.scavolini.com