Sliding door system, by Häcker Kitchens

10 diciembre, 2015

When it comes to door systems, there are three aspects that consumers appreciate: ergonomics, design and functionality.

Especially in the kitchen, solutions for cabinets and shelves should be space-saving, open easily and close softly. And they shouldn’t get in the way during cooking either. What’s more, because their large surface area determines the overall look of the kitchen, they need to have a modern design as well. Now Häcker Kitchens has come up with the perfect answer to these requirements. For its new shelf element, the company has revived a forgotten classic and enhanced it with state-of-the-art technology: the sliding door.

Puertas correderas, de Häcker Cocinas

The modern shelving system with sliding doors has been developed for both base and wall cabinets. Depending on the model, one or two sliding doors move across the front of the shelves on a single track – creating a combination of open and closed areas that can be varied effortlessly and translates the modern, spacious look and feel of the interior architecture into the furnishings. Fitted with dampers on both sides, the sliding doors are also equipped with a follower function as a standard feature, allowing two front panels to be pushed aside at once. For planners and interior designers, the system opens up a host of possibilities: the shelf elements can easily be positioned one on top of the other – with perfectly matched joins.

The owner-run family company has provided plenty of scope for individual design options too: the shelves are available in over 80 colours or finishes and can be combined with virtually any range from the classic or systemat lines.

It looks more than likely that this new take on the sliding door will turn into a success story. The initial response to the shelving system at the in-house exhibition in 2015 was positive in every respect: Every single dealer we spoke to was impressed with the new shelf – not just the way it looks but its functionality too: we attached a great deal of importance to getting the damping right, says Sales and Marketing Director Markus Sander.

The same goes for another new product from Häcker Kitchens: an individually adjustable worktop that has been developed as an ideal addition to the counter space. It can be extended effortlessly up to 30 centimetres, turning a normal work surface into a counter situation in one simple move. And it’s just as easy to return the panel to its original position. The individually adjustable worktop is also extremely adaptable: it can be moved horizontally, vertically or at a 45-degree angle.

Puertas correderas, de Häcker Cocinas

With these new additions, we’re offering our customers products that are ideal for any modern kitchen, says Markus Sander. Both the individually adjustable worktop and the shelving system are a harmonious blend of flexibility and function, design and practicability. Both products are available from dealers as of now.

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