A house built in Neolith

12 julio, 2018

Neolith, the Spanish market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, showcased a spectrum of its 6 mm and 12 mm ranges at the East Coast Radio House & Garden Show (29th June-8th July, Durban, South Africa).

12.07.2018 Following the show’s theme, Home is Where the Heart is, upon entering Neolith’s stand (E32) at the 2018 House & Garden Show, visitors could see the adaptability of the material for use throughout the living space. A wide range of patterns used for a variety of functions demonstrated its ability to achieve any desired style.


Kitchen island in Calacatta Gold

Guests entered the stand through a kitchen with cabinetry and a large island in beautifully veined Calacatta Gold. This was contrasted against the hyperrealistic wood grain of La Bohème, featured in an ecological garden wall and as part of the cabinetry.

Beyond the culinary space, a stylish washroom with a vanity and shower in Retrostone highlights one of this year’s trendiest motifs, design classic terrazzo. A splashback in warm Calatorao contrasted with its big-grain effect.

Around the corner, a bar counter in contemporary Zaha Stone separated the wet room from a lounge in travertine-inspired Strata Argentum and Beton. The display finished with a reception counter, combining Cement and Aspen Grey against a pristine Calacatta backdrop. Retrostone unified the space, used for the flooring throughout. Exterior applications of the Sintered Stone were demonstrated with a sample of ventilated façades in Neolith ’s Iron collection.

* For further informationwww.neolith.com/es



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