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Antolini: nueva web

21.11.2019 The new Antolini website expresses the unique personality of a company founded in 1956, that has evolved over the years to become a leader in the production of natural stone and has always been at the cutting edge of this global industry.

Characterized by a modern layout, and a great number of images whose high aesthetic value creates a visual narration with a powerful emotional impact, presents the fascinating history of the company and its unceasing dedication to beauty. The theme of technological innovation has also been widely explored, as the company made quite an impact on the field with the creation of cutting-edge treatments and processes, such as Antolini Vacuum Process technology, able to consolidate the thickness of the slabs through high quality resins. Also Azerobact, a bacteriostatic treatment that guarantees the safety of surfaces as it prevents the growth of bacteria and mould on worktops, and Azerocare, a treatment protecting marble and onyx from etching and staining caused by contact with acidic foods and organic substances while maintaining the natural look and feel of natural stone.

Antolini collections

The core feature of the website is without a doubt the presentation of the numerous Antolini collections. Thanks to its clear and simple user experience, the visitor can easily consult the more than 1,000 materials available, through an intuitive digital catalogue. Starting with the Exclusive Stone Collection, including Antolini’s top range products, as well as Precioustone, Shellstone, Gemstone or Stratospherica collections – to name a few – the charm and unique character of the Antolini natural stones are the heroes of a Wow experience that presents not only each single material but also the best, most representative applications for each one of them.

Responsive and designed according to the most advanced engineering standards, the new website allows you to enjoy its content from any device in the simplest and fastest way.

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