Transformad presents the Natura collection

1 septiembre, 2020

Colección de postformado Natura, de Transformad

01.09.2020 Transformad presents the Natura collection, new postformed boards that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its colors and grains. This new series is a clear commitment to bring nature closer to the homes.

The new Natura collection, post-formed TLAM with a radius of 1.5, stands out for its wood pore finish. It comes in boards of different widths and with a thickness of 19 mm, with an anti-humidity seal. TLAM is a material for easy cleaning and maintenance that provides quality with great benefits. They are surfaces of extraordinary long-life resistance.

Along with other TLAM laminated wood collections, such as Vecchio, Quercia, Tranché and Basics, the new Natura collection is the evolution of one of the most widely used materials for interior decoration on all types of surfaces, due to its textures, and its warmth.

Three different finishes

Within the Natura collection there are three different finishes with total prominence of wood: Gold Walnut (Nogal Oro), Elm K (Olmo K) and White Oak (Roble Blanco).

Too, the medium-toned wood, Olmo K, is again a trend as it provides an air of maximum elegance, luxurious, bringing modernity to the environment, with application for all types of surfaces and furniture.

The wood of more lively tones, Nogal Oro, very natural, brings light and warmth to the environment.

To finish, Roble Blanco is the one that achieves a more natural look and is currently the most combinable to achieve the desired style in interior decoration: Scandinavian, minimalist, vintage…

The company

Transformad, the leading HiTech surface company is committed to continue working, day by day, in favor of sustainability, efficient use of resources and the reduction of pollutant emissions. The firm works with leading innovation technology to achieve unique and ground-breaking designs that give higher value to the product, providing differential finishes and qualities.

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