Antolini’s Python Black granite, in a contemporary kitchen with animal soul

6 febrero, 2020

Antolini: granito PythonBlack

06.02.2020 Antolini, the company of natural stone, interprets the kitchen environment. It adds an unconventional dynamic, offering unusual settings with a surprisingly powerful aesthetic impact. Elegance, uniqueness, mystery and vitality are the most outstanding features of a kitchen space completely dominated by Python Black, one of the company’s high-end granite materials.

With its inky-black, mirror-like texture interrupted by flashes of white and bursts of grey, this enigmatic natural stone covers the floor of the entire area. Python Black’s ever-changing series of incredible patterns -constantly unique on account of being entirely natural- also cover the kitchen block worktop. And it extend to include the adjacent vertical wall that presents a rich array of spotlights, like clouds in the sky.

The modular neutral-coloured cabinet is laterally completed by a long vertical slab, again in Python Black, which closes the kitchen area facing the living room with a partition wall. From here, a work of art evoking delicate floral patterns highlights the route to the living area. Enhanced and enriched by this exclusive granite, the kitchen is thus transformed into an almost abstract setting. A theatrical backdrop against which the daily rituals of food, meals and conviviality are played out in a precious, seductive and timeless environment.

Enchanting and mesmerizing, the beautiful patterns of Python Black vividly reinterpret the dark and sophisticated shapes of a python’s skin, infusing any environment with a wild and alluring atmosphere. Bright, flowing and chaotic strokes emerge from a uniform, black background, granting dynamism to this wonderful granite. Thanks to its exquisite characteristics, this natural stone from Antolini’s Exclusive Collection is ideal for interior applications as well as outdoor structures.

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