Black Soapstone and Quarzite Silvermoon, new Antolini’s natural stones

17 julio, 2020

Black Soapstone, by Antolini
Black Soapstone.

17.07.2020 Constantly searching for natural stones capable of making any domestic, residential, hospitality or corporate environment both surprising and exclusive, Antolini now expands its already wide range. The novelties are two highly-prized new materials: Black Soapstone and Quarzite Silvermoon.

An epitome of beauty, these two breath-taking natural stones join the nearly eighty materials already offered by Antolini as part of the Exclusive Stone Collection. They further increase the value of the company’s high-end quality range.

Black Soapstone

Both sophisticated and a highly sought-after natural stone, Black Soapstone confers a sense of elegance, rigour and considerable personality on all the spaces in which it appears. It offers an elegant black background featuring sparse and almost imperceptible white veins. And its splendid granite enhances both traditional and contemporary spaces through its vibrant character.

Included in the company’s Exclusive Stone Collection, Black Soapstone is a trump card for the world of design. It will be able to appreciate not only its amazing beauty but also its intense versatility.

Quarzite Silvermoon, by Antolini
Quarzite Silvermoon

Quarzite Silvermoon

Its history is extraordinary, its future boundless: precious and elegant, Quarzite Silvermoon embodies the canons of classicism while at the same time looking forward to the most visionary and contemporary design. This natural stone is a journey through styles and it is offered to the world of architecture as a passe partout material, ideal for opening every creative door.

On its surface, the large veins present an infinite linear flow, which describes the timeless uniqueness of this material given to us by Mother Nature. The bright light colors of Quarzite Silvermoon also allow maximum freedom of interpretation in interior settings, expanding perspectives and spaces, allowing the best management of natural light and offering inspiration for even the most daring of creations. With incredible aesthetic value, this material transfers authenticity and absolute style to any design project.

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