FIMMA-Maderalia 2020 will be held at the end of next November

22 abril, 2020

Being aware of it, the Organizing Committees of both FIMMA and Maderalia are working together with Feria Valencia to set the specific days for the biennial celebration within the established deadline of the end of the year. The objective is to fully guarantee the security exhibitors and visitors. And the commercial success of the call in a conjuncture of economic reactivation as well as the presence of the leading firms in the sector.

Traditional dates of celebration

In this sense, FIMMA-Maderalia 2020 will be held within a reasonable time horizon of overcoming the health crisis and with the certainty of regularization of the world calendar of trade fairs in the sector. A good example of this is that the Spanish biennial will be held in the final stretch of the year. After the convening of two world events such as the Italian SICAM (October) y Xylexpo (middle of november).

With the appointment set at the end of 2020, the circumstance occurs, also, that FIMMA-Maderalia returns to the traditional dates of celebration, in the last quarter of the year. This is a cadence that changed from 2014 and that now returns to a calendar that the sector recognizes as its own.

In this new scenario back to normal, Feria Valencia guarantees the proper protocols for containment and sanitary hygiene. So that the FIMMA-Maderalia is a completely safe setting and an event that allows the necessary revival of the sector.

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