Kesseböhmer´s TopFlex , classic with new features

26 noviembre, 2014

This pull-out worktop extension is a practical solution for creating more temporary working space in a small kitchen.

When it’s not in use, for example, as a breakfast bar or desk, the extra tabletop can be pushed, like a drawer, completely back into the kitchen unit. Pulled out partially or completely, it provides a strong, stable, flat working surface.

Kesseböhmer’s TopFlex , classic with new features

Now Kesseböhmer has revisited and updated this popular fitting. The fitting design has been simplified, assembly made easier and the whole product optimised for today’s production processes. A decisive advantage of the new TopFlex is that the runners can now be installed ahead of the carcase press, with the preassembled tabletop supplied as a complete module to the final assembly station.

For non-industrial processing, Kesseböhmer offers a number of kits containing all components for simple, errorproof installation. They can be supplied with or without a premounted tabletop. This option allows the tabletop to be matched to the rest of the worktop. TopFlex is available for 16 and 19 mm thick fronts and as a set for 500, 600 and 900 mm widths. For fittings supplied without the premounted tabletop, customers can choose any width between 500 and 900 mm.

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