Massimo Potenza, new Co-CEO of Biesse Group


Massimo Potenza, Biesse Group's Co-CEO

21.09.2020 Biesse Group welcomes Massimo Potenza into its leadership team. The focus of his work will be to guide the establishment and implementation of the Group Reorganisation & Transformation Project alongside Roberto Selci, the Group’s CEO. Massimo Potenza will step into the role of Biesse Group‘s Co-CEO. As soon as the necessary internal procedures and applicable corporate obligations have been completed.

Welcoming Massimo to the Group with his expertise and experience will enable us to take a new step forward. Guided by the shared vision of seeing the principles of the One Company, which have long inspired our approach to business come to fruition, accelerating the process of transformation of the company. A strategic move that is necessary in order to become increasingly competitive in the industries in which we operate, declared Roberto Selci, CEO of Biesse Group. It is a listed company specialising in technological solutions for the processing of wood, glass, stone, plastic and metal.

Transformation and evolution

The new Co-CEO will assist the Group in strengthening the process of transformation and evolution that is already under way. With a view to creating an organisational structure that is increasingly flexible. And that can adapt rapidly to changing contexts. This global scenario that the world has been facing in recent months has taught us – beyond the health crisis – of the importance of being ready for any external change. The only way we can manage discontinuity effectively is with flexible, resilient organisations in which people and their skills are placed in a position to act in a timely manner, adapting to new scenarios in a proactive and successful way, commented Massimo Potenza.

Massimo Potenza, born in Bari in 1960, graduated in Business Administration and joined Barilla in 1985. After gaining increasing responsibility in the areas of finance and control, he was appointed General Manager of the Bakery Products Division. And later Managing Director and member of the Barilla Group Board, a role he held until 2011. In the years that followed, he held a number of roles as Board Member and Senior Strategic Advisor in several leading consulting firms for the Fashion & Luxury, Food and Pharma & Mechanical sectors.

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