Milesi, in the Casa Partida project in Lago Rupanco (Chile)

4 junio, 2020

Milesi, in the Casa Partida project in Lago Rupanco (Chile)

04.06.2020 Milesi demonstrates its potential again, and this time it is done in Chile, specifically in the Casa Partida project. Designed by Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos, Casa Partida is located on a gentle slope that rolls into the waters of Lago Rupanco in the Chilean Los Lagos region. This vacation home features wooden surfaces that seem to pack the building. In this 270 m2 house, the project had to separate the adult use spaces from the youth area. A solution based on two independent volumes connected by a gallery was proposed, which in turn is the access to the house.

Wood and Milesi

The wood selected by the architects has been the Radiata Pine or Monterey Pine. It is a species native to the Pacific Coast of North America. Its greatest advantage is its great capacity for adaptation and growth, and the quality of its wood, which makes it a highly demanded material in the industrial field. In addition, it highlights the simplicity with which the nailing, screwing and sawing can be carried out, which helps to create more refined finishes. Inside, as a covering, Milesi water-based finish from the Hydrocoat Natural Effect range has been used. It is an innovative product that protects wood without changing color or altering its natural appearance.

Natural Wood

For the outdoors, Milesi proposed a new water-based finish the Hydrocrom Legno Natural Wood Effect Line. With state-of-the-art raw materials in its formulation, it is a product with excellent resistance to dynamic permeability, that is, the ability of the film to limit the absorption of water into the wood. At the same time, it facilitates the exit of the water vapor from the wood towards the surface, and those direct or indirect defects that harm the resistance of the durability of the varnish are avoided. The Hydrocrom Legno Line allows the preservation of the original appearance of the wood, slowing down the photodegradation and deformation process.

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