Nature collection by Mobalco, at EuroCucina

8 marzo, 2018

The new Nature collection, which will be presented at Eurocucina FTK 2018 (April 7-11), is the fruit of the collaboration between Mobalco and Francesc Rife Studio.

08.03.2018 Nature, by Mobalco, was born as a response to the future of the kitchen, and introduces the concept of home garden through modules-containers. Noble materials such as oak, natural stone or blue-finished metal surfaces are presented in the same scenario, where cooking and growing food will be the starting point for a greater connection between nature and domestic life.

Honest business practice

Mobalco has been committed from its origins to an honest and sustainable business practice, sensitive to noble and natural materials, to innovative solutions and careful designs. The firm sets the passion for a job well done above the economic objectives. It conceives its activity as far away from the big production lines to recover the value and care of craft work, carried out by professionals who know their trade deeply, people capable of printing to the product those nuances and finishes that machines can not achieve.

Mobalco is strongly committed to internationalization and since 2006 has been present in the main international events such as EuroCucina, a fair that it is attending for the fourth time.

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