The most autumnal MDi collections, by Inalco

4 diciembre, 2019

Azalai, colección MDi de Inalco

04.12.2019 Inalcotrends shows the most autumnal MDi by Inalco collections. The fall/winter season is characterized by a colder climate and, in contrast, warm colors. The color palette of this time of the year is composed mostly of brown, gray and black tones and is complemented by colors such as dark green, purple or orange tones, reminiscent of the colors naturally shown during these seasons.

MDi collections: Arizona

Arizona is a collection inspired by a naked wood, faded by sunlight and worn by the passage of time that stands out for its strong personality. A dark wood to dress your house and illuminate it with the heat of the fireplace.


One of our best known collections. Whether in its Black or Gray colorsStorm fills any space in which it is used with strength and personality. The contrast between its veins and background provides a sober and elegant style very much in line with this time of the year.

Umbra, colección MDi de Inalco

The New Blacks & Umbra

New Blacks, available in Castagna, Muschio and Prugna colors; and Umbra, whose brown tone is accompanied by reddish and black tones, are two collections that are born from the most current trends. Two surfaces created for fashion and interior design lovers.


Designed by the prestigious architect Giuseppe BavusoFibre is one of our latest releases. Its design is inspired by the first man-made objects (braided baskets, fabrics, wool…), and the very essence of shape. Its Visón and Negro colors will provide the essential warmth needed in any home.


Whether as flooring, wall covering or for furniture design, Azalai is a collection with a greater visual impact. The orange tones of its veins are reminiscent of the heat of the fire or the leaves of the caducious trees so typical of these months.

Vint, colección MDi de Inalco


Veni, Vidi, Vici, Vint. Since its release, this collection has not stopped making architects and interior designers fall in love with it. Due to its wide variety of formats and thicknesses (with a deco version, available in seven different formats and in all our thicknesses: 20, 12, 6 and 4 mm), for its versatility and, of course, for its design, Vint is capable of decorating any surface with a simply spectacular result.

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