Antolini presents two new natural stones

16 abril, 2020

Antolini: Quarzite Celadon
Antolini’s new natural stones: Quarzite Celadon.

16.04.2020 Antolini presents two new natural stones, which are certain to add great value to any design narrative. Known worldwide for its extensive catalogue of beautiful natural stones, the firm adds these two new elegant entries as the company further establishes its Exclusive Stone Collection as the top of the range flagship offering.

Quarzite Celadon

Quarzite Celadon combines hints and hues that range from white to light grey and go as far as anthracite and black. A timeless symphony of colours, this material enhances expressive contemporary design, giving an understated and delightful feeling of welcome. Spaces and architectural structures are underlined by the elegance of this extraordinary quartzite, which is ideally suited for a world of creativity, offering its eternal and vivacious beauty linked to the Earth and to a notion of time which overcomes styles and fashions. With Quarzite Celadon, Antolini offers a new Exclusive, luxurious and fascinating material for those who want to stand out without sacrificing the concept of hospitality.

Antolini: Silver Grey
Silver Grey.

Silver Grey

Antolini’s multi-faceted Silver Grey granite is the perfect architectural solution to give a striking aesthetic impact to an interior and it is ideal to enhance the most diverse contexts. From industrial renovations projects to private villas immersed in dreamlike gardens. Extraordinarily chameleon-like, Silver Grey is dominated by a deep black background from which an indefinable network of shades of grey burst forth. A characterful choice for spaces where comfort and elegance can sit happily side by side, this splendid granite is an Antolini Exclusive, conceived and created to satisfy the most demanding designers who want to maintain precise rigour while entering the world of contemporary experimentation.

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