Lapitec, a material to safeguard health

29 mayo, 2020

Lapitec, a material to safeguard health

29.05.2020 Lapitec is naturally an extremely hygienic material to safeguard health. It is ideal for architectural and interior projects, due to its patented composition.

The ongoing public health emergency is laying the groundwork for a new future on a global scale, and entire supply chains have had to undergo urgent reorganisation. The design world is no exception, where redistribution and segmentation of spaces, hygiene, safety, and management of flows of people will be priorities in the coming period.

Among the many topics under the spotlight is how the choice of materials in architecture and interior. And product design can open the door to innovative solutions, capable of ensuring people’s safety and high standards of performance at the same time.

Lapitec and the health

Lapitec, a mixture of 100% natural minerals manufactured in large slabs, is an ideal covering material for current requirements. It is due to its non-porous surface which prevents dirt from accumulating and mould and bacteria from growing. Its patented production process, and its environmentally friendly composition, give the slabs excellent hygiene properties. Besides being easy to clean, Lapitec is a fluid-repellent material. A surface on which liquids flow, a particularly interesting feature in vertical cladding where the rain flows away and carries dirt with it.

Its composition does not contain resins or petroleum derivatives, so that it does not contaminate the water used in manufacturing. The collection range also contains very low percentages of crystalline silica (quartz). And in the new Musa collection this percentage is zero, making this a safe material with regard to the health of the people that process it.

Lapitec is durable (resistant to environmental conditions, the ravages of time, and extreme temperatures), chemical-resistant, fully recyclable and can be used in interiors and exteriors, vertical cladding and horizontal surfaces, such as flooring, covering, swimming pools, showers or saunas, or for the creation of household accessories and kitchen tops.

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