Lapitec, for the new L’Ottocento kitchen

2 septiembre, 2020

Lapitec, for the new L'Ottocento kitchen
Lapitec, at the new L’Ottocento kitchen.

02.09.2020 L’Ottocento, a manufacturer specialising in the creation of handcrafted kitchens, has designed a warm and elegant atmosphere for its 2020 lines, expressed through the use of natural materials such as walnut and Lapitec. In this kitchen, wood and stone conceal innovative technologies and new working spaces

The new designs feature a kitchen island, a wood panelling system, a sideboard and new stools. And the are a tribute to the Italian elegance that harmoniously combines classical elements and contemporary inspirations. With a drive toward the future through advanced technologies and new arrangement solutions.

Snack bar and sink recessed

Too, the configuration of the space is modern, defined by a central block equipped with a snack bar, and a sink recessed in sintered stone. And an induction hob which is invisible since it is installed underneath the top in Lapitec. Every single piece is designed to offer maximum performance preserving the formal, clean lines of the module, to give an elegant, monolithic effect.

The uniqueness of L’Ottocento’s new furniture project also lies in the choice of wood panelling for the new Atlante wall system, which contains the appliances and store cupboards. In living spaces it can also include bookcase elements or doors leading to other rooms of the house.


Lapitec is a 100% natural material created through a patented process for compacting mineral powders, which are fired at a high temperature, without employing resins or other petroleum derivatives. It is perfect for food contact surfaces and ensures high performance in addition to a sophisticated and warm charm.

Likewise, it is durable (resistant to environmental conditions, the ravages of time, and extreme temperatures), chemical-resistant, fully recyclable and can be used in interiors and exteriors, vertical cladding and horizontal surfaces, such as flooring, covering, swimming pools, showers or saunas, or for the creation of household accessories.

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