Spazio, a Falmec hood designed by Francesco Lucchese

22 marzo, 2018

Spazio gives a new personality to the kitchen. This Falmec hood designed by Francesco Lucchese will be exhibited at Eurocucina FTK 2018 (17-22 April).

22.03.2018 Spazio is the new Falmec model, whose aim is to give personality and uniqueness to every kitchen. Francesco Lucchese has designed a Falmec concept which revolutionary performs a new idea of kitchen experience, where functionality is the core business together with beauty.

Spazio Falmec campana Francesco Lucchese Eurocucina FTK Circle.Tech

This hood is made for being a really useful appliance while cooking. The 180 cm island body has full-length satin glass shelves on which it’s possible to put tools and kitchenware. There is also a ladles hanger and a LED system that lits the whole worktop.

USB ports and tablet support

Spazio has a never-seen-before accessories kit and functionalities range. It has USB ports, downward power sockets where devices (such as tablets, mobiles and MP3s) can be charged, and a tablet support. Spazio can also have a little indoor garden (courtesy of Falmec) to homegrow some aromatic plants.

This models features also Circle.Tech technology: a Falmec patented system which grants extraordinary performances joining suction and filtration in a single horizontal body. This makes air flow in a uniform and effective way. The Carbon.Zeo filters, which encase the whole motor, are made of natural minerals (active charcoal and zeolite) that are twice more effective than traditional filters against bad odours and humidity.

Spazio by Falmec is perfect for a wide range of different needs. Thus strenghtening Falmec path toward excellence, a better experience in the kitchen and daily life quality inside the home.