Indaux adapts its under oven drawer for the British market


Indaux adapts its under oven drawer for the British market

27.08.2020 The company is gradually recovering the activity and resuming the projects that it had pending before the brutal break that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about. One of them was the adaptation of the under oven drawer of Indaux to take advantage of the bottom of the oven in response to the demand of the British kitchen market. So, the company has adapted this drawer to 18-mm side modules, widely used in markets such as the United Kingdom. Until now, this drawer was only mounted on furniture with a 16-millimeter side.

This adaptation of this drawer, designed for making the most of the free space under the oven and behind the plinth, with three adjustments and INDAmatic soft close optional, extends Indaux range of products in the catalog and is an example of the responsiveness of the brand as a provider of flexible solutions for the furniture sector.

Mounting device for the Ariane

Indaux technical office has developed a machine to optimize the assembly of Ariane drawers. This machine is designed to facilitate the work and ergonomics of assemblers in the furniture industry. By fixing the parts, their use will allow them to assemble drawers and removable modules in a simple and precise way, as well as extend the useful life of the product. It is an internal project developed jointly between the engineering and mechanical teams of Indaux.


Indaux range of products are designed by people, for people. The firm focus on maximising their functionality and at the same time, on making the technology as invisible as possible. They believe that the best technology is not the most visible, but that is felt and enjoyed. Because making something simple that is complex is a gift.

With more than 10,000 active references in its furniture hardware portfolio, Indaux is one of the most complete manufacturers on the Spanish market. And one of the main ones in the European Union.

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