Countertops, sinks and tiles by Margraf

22 febrero, 2018

The kitchen is one of the rooms of a home where people spend the most time: it’s a place where people meet and share, a household workshop for the creation of culinary specialities, a perfect balance of functionality, technology and design that can be further enhanced by the choice of increasingly exclusive materials like Margraf marble.

22.02.2018 Marble is a unique material that becomes more valuable over time. It is particularly hygienic and easy to clean; it also allows multiple applications, from the countertop to the sink, from the shelves to the floor. For all these characteristics, marble is being increasingly used by architects around the world in developing luxury residential complexes and designing villas and private homes in Italy and abroad.

With their unique veins and shades of colour, Margraf marbles are extremely distinctive; their extraordinary beauty can enhance any ambience, creating unique settings for demanding and refined clients who are increasingly seeking excellence and genuine Italian style.

A broad range

The company offers a broad range of marbles for almost unlimited customisation options for a contemporary or classic kitchen depending on needs. For instance, polished Nero Belgio or polished Giada White can give that special touch to a minimal and urban kitchen, while polished Bianco Statuario or Emperador Dark are the perfect choice for a more classic or country-style design. Then, there is hand-chiselled Giallo d’Istria to create a truly unique ambience.

Through technology that provides cutting-edge machinery and extraction and processing systems, Margraf marbles come in a wide variety of types, colours, thicknesses and finishes.

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