Das Haus, at Imm Cologne: A la fresca, merging indoors and outdoors

9 enero, 2020

Das Haus 2020 en Imm Cologne: A la fresca

09.01.2020 With the interpretation of the Das HausInteriors on Stage 2020 design event by design team MUT Design, A la fresca, the international Interior Business Event Imm Cologne is set to play host to a highly architectural creation once again in 2020. The Spanish creatives will present a visionary living concept. In it, the inside of the house is turned to face the outside, by removing the boundaries between the interior rooms and between the internal and external space. The living experience is opened up, not only to nature but also to the community of residents – and the world beyond.

Das Haus 2020 is reminiscent of a classical pavilion. Formed from the combination of a circle and a square, styled with minimalist furnishings, open on all sides. It’s an example of ideal architecture, perfect for a house nestled within the Albufera (Valencia, Spain). The colours of this breathtaking lagoon landscape were an inspiration for Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón – who founded MUT Design ten years ago – in their selection of materials and harmonious colour schemes for their vision of home living for Imm Cologne 2020.

But the pavilion is not being constructed in the sun-drenched landscape of Valencia. It will instead be showcased at the heart of Imm Cologne 2020 (Hall 3.1). With their abstract approach, the Spanish designers have succeeded in making an aesthetically persuasive. And – thanks to their notion of a hybrid space – it is a hugely appealing statement in support of a living concept that unites architecture and nature, the indoors and outdoors, opportunities for privacy and communal living.

Architecture of longing as a vision of the future

A la fresca – step out into the fresh air, in Spanish – is the name MUT Design have given to their interpretation of Imm Cologne’s walk-in simulated living space, which is laid out by a different young, influential designer or design team every year. The Spaniards’ choice of name is a reference to the culture that still persists in the area’s villages: meeting up in the streets and squares of an evening. After the heat of the day, which forces people to stay behind closed doors, this custom provides an opportunity to sit down together to enjoy the fresh breeze at leisure.

Set in an open landscape and enclosed by a large glazed façade, Das Haus by MUT Design would be a perfect holiday home. But restricting this architectural concept to getaways from the everyday is too limiting. Life in direct contact with an environment that is as close to nature as possible reflects a very real need that is steadily growing: especially among city dwellers. Progressive architecture is responding to this need with large glazed façades, bright rooms and an apparently seamless transition between internal and external spaces. Das Haus by MUT Design takes this idea to extremes with its architectural design, which is entirely open to its surroundings.

Outdoor living as an interior design concept: indoors is outdoors

Life on the Mediterranean is synonymous with life outdoors. Since time immemorial, our homes have always incorporated an element of nature into their interiors, MUT Design explain. Traditionally, the patio has been a shaded inner courtyard that forms the organisational centre in Mediterranean architecture. Social life also revolves around this hybrid space. However, MUT Design have turned this structure around. Das Haus A la fresca evolves from the inside towards the outside. The centre still appears to be the backbone of the house and is filled with daylight. But the actual function of the patio as an integrated open-air space has been relocated to the outside. Perhaps visitors to Das Haus by MUT Design will be a little disconcerted as they search for the boundary between the indoors and outdoors. They won’t find it.

*For further information: www.imm-cologne.com

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