An Ego kitchen, by Abimis, in the heart of Milan

10 julio, 2020

An Ego kitchen, by Abimis, in the heart of Milan

10.07.2020 The story of this impressive project, by Abimis and Studio Luini 12, is told through its decor. It brings to mind sophisticated, metropolitan style, with its ornaments and accessories. And it strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. Its rooms also inspire a sense of freedom and openness. The furnishings and unique details in each room create a charming visual impact. And they provide top functionality with a modern twist. Abimis takes centre stage in this apartment situated in Milan (in the historic centre), with Ego kitchen, its tailor-made kitchen able to take on a new shape for every single project. It transforms this room, dedicated to spending time with others and preparing food. With a special focus on flexibility.    

The separate, large and bright room that is home to Ego features a pleasant combination of industrial style and urban touches, typical of large town houses. For example, the surfaces with their neutral shades and natural effect. The ceiling with its exposed beams – an extremely beautiful decorative and structural feature. And the light wooden flooring, creating comfort and warmth, not only give a sense of spaciousness, but also give the kitchen extra character, making it truly unique.  

An inviting place

This Ego kitchen by Abimis therefore becomes a welcoming and inviting place, to show off and to enjoy. A room that can not only be used for its specific function, but can also become a centre of well-being, where the act of cooking is transformed into pure passion.  

This kitchen has an orbitally polished finish and was completely customised based on the owners’ requirements, designed to become the heart of this apartment.  With its bevelled flush doors that are perfectly integrated into the rest of the structure, ergonomic handles, recessed socle and invisible hinges patented by Abimis, Ego takes on the form of a large island, creating maximum freedom of movement.    

Ego is made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, an organically neutral and hygienic material that is completely antibacterial and does not release any substances into the food. It is a fundamental quality for surfaces that come into daily contact with ingredients and cooking utensils. As well as being resistant to corrosion and temperatures of up to 500°C. The work surface, home to the cooking and washing area, does not have any gaps, thereby reducing the amount of grime and making cleaning much easier.  One of the plus points of Ego’s tailor-made kitchens – each one boasting exceptional craftsmanship – is that they can be customised with details and technical characteristics from the world of professional catering. Such as the inclusion of refrigerated rubbish bins that reduce the growth of bacteria and neutralise unpleasant odours.  

Stainless-steel columns

The finishing touch to this particular kitchen is its set of stainless-steel columns, dedicated to housing the appliances, storage and preserving food. These columns are equipped with the Cold Control System. This is the technological programme developed by Abimis. Refrigerated columns that are completely customisable in terms of their finish, size and layout. And that feature a unique outer panel allowing you to set different temperatures for the various compartments and to monitor their status at any time. This system makes use of the technology used in professional catering, highlighting the importance of preserving food properly also in the home. Here, hygiene and safety are confirmed as being key features of contemporary cooking.  

This kitchen’s layout gives a sense of perfect balance and harmony, thanks to the Ego system’s sinuous design and the exceptional texture of the orbitally polished finish. Both aspects enhance the welcoming yet sophisticated character of its surroundings.  

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