Sanwacompany presents Diverse Life with Compact

16 abril, 2020

Diverse Life with Compact

16.04.2020 Sanwacompany presents a new products inspired by the concept of Diverse Life with Compact. It combines multiple functions into the same space thanks to the modularity, simplicity, functionality and dynamism of the new compact furniture. The firm therefore continues the research of contemporary and minimalist design, able to fit in with harmony within small spaces.

Within the new Diverse Life with Compact collection, Sanwacompany proposes a modular system designed by Kicco Bestetti that not only performs the function of kitchen, but can also be used as a study or relax area, dining or living room.

According to the needs and tastes of the customer, modular elements can be mixed to create different scenarios and spaces: each single element can be inserted in different positions and used as worktop, bench, dining table or countertop. The modularity and the infinite possible combinations, make this project unique.

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