Stylam goes for the second Hot Coating line in India, with Barberán

12 julio, 2018

Barberán & Kleiberit are proud to announce the second Hot Coating line of Stylam in India.

12.07.2018 Stylam Industries Limited will produce Hot Coating panels at the end of the year with their new acquisition from Barberán.

The coating line from Barberan uses the product Hot Coating from Kleiberit, which allows to apply directly on the laminated surface with a perfect adhesion and bonding.

This new line for laminated panels will improve the product properties, resistance and durability.

The line of 60 meters length will be equipped with the Excimer technology for an inert curing atmosphere to achieve an extraordinary supermatt finish among the high gloss finishing.

Stylam Industries Limited, with a plant at Panchkula, near Chandigarh, in North India, has been developing high quality laminates since 1991.

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