Extra kitchen by Key Cucine: functionality and aesthetics

8 junio, 2020

Extra. by Key Cucine

08.06.2020 Extra kitchen, the Key Cucine’s new solution, plays on colour contrasts and on harmonious combinations of wood, natural stone and steel. The result is a composition with a subtle look. It can be reinvented in countless ways thanks to its high versatility and verve.

The large kitchen counter is striking in its lightness: the oxidised oak plays an airy, central role, thanks to its suspended horizontal surface, which becomes a multi-purpose breakfast or for aperitif bar. Here, the main body of the kitchen comes in, with delicate matt lacquered doors and worktop in Carrara marble finish stoneware: its thinness and light colour bring out the deep grey veining which perfectly recalls the long dark mottling of the oxidised oak.

Stoneware as a leitmotif

The stoneware is the leitmotif that links up with the rest of the kitchen, perpendicularly connecting the main central body with a long overhead unit with lacquered drawers and the sink carved into the worktop. And the light hues extend onto the large fitted wall where the recessed handles – vertical or horizontal – provide dynamism to the whole kitchen. And create a sophisticated play of voids and volumes.

A large overhead storage unit, lastly, gives a touch of refined elegance to the kitchen. The back-lit glazing with doors in stopsol glass is in perfect colour harmony with the light tones of the stoneware and the darker ones of the oak. The smoked effect, exalted by the LED lighting, brings out the natural expressive power of Extra.

Key Sbabo’s Designer Kitchens represent the lifestyle of those who choose them. They stand out because of their contemporaneity, their stylistic innovation and the worktops made of innovative materials. Their modern open-space kitchens rise above the mass of industrial production.

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