Inalco, at the Baalbec restaurant in Valencia

19 septiembre, 2019

Steve Anderson, soul and brain of Baalbec restaurant (Valencia, Spain), knew from the very beginning what he wanted to achieve: create the minimun barriers between the kitchen and the diners, so clients felt like they are eating at a friend’s house. Inalco helped him in this purpose.

19.09.2019 For accomplishing this goal, architect Sonia Rayos had to completely rethink the distribution of the previous premises, with the typical hand fan distribution of Valencia’s Ensanche chamfers. The objective? To get a space as diaphanous as possible. A key factor was to work with a controlled selection of materials, textures and colors, of which Inalco MDi takes a leading role.

Restaurante Baalbek. Barra de Inalco.

Iseo Gris collection covers practically the entire floor of the restaurant, in addition to having been used to design the bar that connects the dining room and kitchen, allowing clients to see how the chefs directly work on it. Accompanied by wood and by yellow and black colors, the result is a combination of homey and professional, urban but warm appearance.

Getting the most out of the large windows, resulting in some kind of screen that works in two directions: from the interior of the premises it allows to clarify, and even forget, the transparent urban horizon ; from the outside, it acts as a stylish claim, showcasing the gastronomic experience that can be lived inside.

A warm experience, with healthy, tasty and different food. Also, its name is not casual, as Baalbec is a Lebanese city that, together with other countries in the eastern Mediterranean, such as Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine or Israel, inspire the recipe book of this new restaurant in Valencia.

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